do u desire a reDESIGNING

* imagine and feel...

your own presence as an extraordinary work of art & beauty *

reDesigning elegance

if ur life, space & lifestyle needs to be infused with:

fresh energy

new perspectives

& grace

the reDesign as Remedy

reDesigning ur Life, Space, Lifestyle

* Edie B's innate Artistry & Passion - expressed 4 you with grace, elegance, quiet luxury, and exquisiteness

* Our most delightful & treasured reDesigning is of course... elevating your Wardrobe into a Fit to be Had

* Inspired by the fact that Edie gets asked @least 3xs day... who is your Stylist - Me - and now 4 U - yes!!

your best version of self elevated to a work of art

dynamically navigating the days & poignant transitions

enJoy a gander | download - explore - book - customize


the reDesign

  • Multi-faceted & trauma-informed inSight

  • customized for those key focus areas that mean the most to you
  • Well-Being @ a whole new level | inSide Out - outSide In - multidimensional
  • an Ascension must
  • Provides intuitive inSight 4 complexities traditional methods can't see or hear

here is a snazzy sell sheet highlighting the reDesign service levels

(best view landscape/tablet/laptop)

we can schedule a Zoom meet-n-greet

for a 3omin gratis Q&A if needed

our meet-n-greet shall be an engaging conversation - Fabulous!

the reDesign as Remedy

be that work of Art | your elevation of presence is calling

additional complementary reDesigner services

more life, space, and lifestyle bliss 4 U

curated lifestyle products

4 optimal well-being & alignment

key enhancers to buy & try

advanced perspectives

transcenDing Lingering Trauma

@life-lifestyle @work @space

image collection merchandise

everyday reminders of joy

from wearables to stickers

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