do u need ur oasis to infuse your soul

* imagine a humorist art gallery brought to U everyday *

art heals & milieu inspires

if ur sanctuary needs to be infused with:


the avant-garde

cool perspectives

& elegance

the DayToLA as Remedy

inspired photography & prose | commercial & private placement

* Candid moments of Edie B's Well-Being Journey - conveyed 4 you with perspective, wonder, and intimate inSight

* Our most treasured Series (so far) are the Orchids - Concrete - Just Plain Cool

* Inspired by Nature, internal infernos, a sense of humor, sometimes devastation AND always perseverance of Spirit!

we design Holistic Sanctuary Environments that remind Us of our Greater Purpose

may we bask in the writing & photography on the wall

have a gander | scroll through - watch - sense - relish


Milieu Photography

  • Moments of Life glimpsed in complete awe of broader perspectives

  • a real-time Meditative Journey experience that honors Quietude (naps)
  • Candid Expressions of the Most Sacred & on occasion Rather Audacious
  • the Prose Incorporates the Inspiration & Thought behind the Risqué
  • These uncanny images may guide U in sensing your environment in a new flow

okay all... here is the plan of action

a super cool artist sales platform is in process of being built as we write.

this platform will allow for ease in communication, ordering, and custom pricing for large venues and the like.

for today...

I have put together a brochure highlighting several images for viewing.

I have more series to upload and how cool is it that we can set up

a zoom 3omin gratis consultation for an engaging meet-n-greet showing.

our meet-n-greet shall confirm all order particulars and ensure special delivery requests. Fabulous!

Thank You! - Edie

the DayToLA as Remedy

Milieu Photography | commercial & private walls are calling

explore more interior reDesigning bliss....

luxury furniture & home decor

reDeisign of Space @peak flow

Edie B is a 3xs award winner

advanced perspectives

transcenDing Lingering Trauma

@home @work @life-lifestlye

image collection merchandise

everyday reminders of joy

from wearables to stickers


meet EDIE B


  • creates for you everyday 365
  • links words, voice, visuals, doodles, and tech
  • heals, inspires, and sometimes (maybe a lot) shocks the shit out of you!
  • observes humanity through different lenses
  • explores connections between nature, heart as motherboard, consciousness, audacity & the modern world
  • intrigues with the sacred and profane ....welcome to DTLA

& yes... a massively organized intuitive, nature whisperer, and super fun !

edieb_the DayToLA as Remedy

Edie B on OnlyFans is Artisty

  • living in DTLA has fueled my observational audacious humor to a whole other dimension
  • it's a Living Art Gallery here - rich with the avant-garde to secretly relish
  • OnlyFans is perfect my life's journey told in comedic storytelling
  • theDayToLA is life expressed
  • theDayToLA is WTF just happened
  • theDayToLA is for u to drop your jaw in awe & be well

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