do u need a great Coffee Sidekick

* imagine a humorist art gallery brought to U everyday *

art heals & humor dissolves bs

if ur grind of the day needs to be infused with:



avant-garde perspective

& a skip in your steps

The Art in Well-Being as Remedy

storytelling | life lived in complete awe of probability

* Handwritten & Typed Originals of Edie B's Well-Being Journey - conveyed 4 you with humorist verve and intimate inSight

* not another toDo - simply 35 years of vibrational evolution journaling-thoughts-concepts centered in living life w/ Ovaries Out

* Inspired by Nature, internal infernos, a sense of humor, heart-breaking devastations AND perseverance of Spirit 2 that YES!

enJoy this personal Invitation to explore the Golden Gems of Edie's written artistry

may we be well & brilliant

have a gander | scroll through - watch - hear - select ur tales - purchase in glee


The Magenta Papers

  • Tales of Life Lived in Harmony when The Tower Hits hard & one needs to find the key to the Other Side of that Brick Wall
  • a real-time Meditative Journey experience that teaches more about Navigating Life than a Doo-doo List
  • Finding this heirloom Rose Garden today guides U in sensing your destiny
  • a Magical & Awe-Inspiring ally in times of Transition & Newness
  • Read, reRead, Reflect, Hail Mary!

Storytelling as Remedy

The Magenta Papers | how a Rose Garden teaches us to BE


Rototilling your Shit

  • Tales of Life Lived Cavalierly thru the Seasons of Rototilling deep Repugnance into Rich Fertilizer
  • a real-time Meditative Journey experience that teaches us about Weight Loss, Relationships & ReNourishment
  • Discover why the amazing Conduits of Pristine Water & Living Flower Frequencies are 1st Go-2s when stuck
  • a keepsake Reference for understanding the multi-faceted Processes of our Finer Bodies & how Grace fits in
  • Read, reRead, Reflect, Hail Mary!

Storytelling as Remedy

Rototilling your Shit | cleansing at its best - a true story

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